Horse And Wagon Transit, Lenox And St. Nicholas Avenues, Harlem, NY 1901


An incredible early image of a Horse and Wagon Transit (station) seen at Lenox Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue (not sure of the cross street), Harlem, New York 1901

Though we do not have a cross street for the area, we know in the 1890’s part of this area and further west near Morningside and Amsterdam Avenues at 120th Street was nicknamed Harlem Goat Town. At the turn of the century one could still find farm land and undeveloped real estate right next to developed parts of Harlem much like the paved streets, housing and a crane in the distance of the photograph above.

We think there are one or two things that this image documents:

  1. The construction for what at the time was the new Harlem Railroad and the Elevated Railroad ran along Lexington Avenue and other surrounding streets.
  2. The transit area for the transportation of material (wood, stone, etc.,) for the construction of buildings and brownstones in the area.

We’re leaning towards the later. What do you think?

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