Homegoing Services For Dr. John Henrik Clarke House In Harlem Chair Solomon Goodrich

solomon-greeneSolomon Goodrich served for nearly a decade as Chairman of the Board for the Education of People of African Ancestry that operates at the Dr. John Henrik Clarke House 286 Convent Avenue in Harlem and managed its educational services. He ran the institution using the ethical teachings of our ancestors, the principles of our greatest leaders and the guidance of renowned educators and scholars.

As chairman he galvanized support for the Dr. John Henrik Clarke House through community outreach, grants and personal contacts. Solomon traveled the world to African, Europe, South America and the Caribbean gleaning information from each continent regarding education, economic and political operations. He knew the importance of education to the liberation struggle.

Solomon was a Pan Africanist and connected to conscious world leaders and remained in solidarity with them through his adult life. He was especially interested in the celebration of KWANZAA. He felt that the principles of KWANZAA were a blueprint for race progress.

BEPAA benefitted from Solomon’s leadership. His legacy will reflect that he was an achiever who always put race first.

The homecoing will be:

9:00 AM Monday December 19, 2016

Ippolitos Funeral Home, 646 Springfield Avenue, Berkley Heights New Jersey 07922

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