Here’s How to Vote on Election Day in Harlem, NY & NJ

Vote_here1. Who can vote?

You must have registered to vote by October 11th to vote in the New York general election on November 5th. Check the New York Board of Elections page to see if you are registered.

2. Where do I vote?

Look up your polling location on the New York City or New York State polling location website.

The New York City Campaign Finance Board launched a new mobile platform  This site will also bring up poll site information.

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TIP for New York City voters: When you write down your poll site address also note the number of your Election/Assembly District. These two pieces of information will help you move faster through your polling site, skipping the line at the information desk and going straight to the table where you sign the poll book.

3. How soon will we know who won?

The polls close at 9 p.m in New York and we should know the results within a couple hours after the polls close.


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