Hartlem Art Exhibit Premiers in Sugar Hill

elijahartgroupslideBy CC Minton

“I Like Art Type Girl” hosted its’ first art event showcasing the exhibit Hartlem (Art in Harlem) in Sugar Hill.  The inaugural event took place on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Curated by yung Nate, the standing room only space featured live art painting and spoken word artistry.  Attendees enjoyed a display featuring various genres of work while being serenaded by violin solo and passionate poetry while sipping on libations over bits and bytes.

Elijah Minton, The Art Alchemist, showcased his talent through live art painting and display.  As an acrylic painter/illustrator, he has been commissioned for portraits and custom pieces from NYC to London and is currently working on illustrating a new gaming app.  He believes that art and creativity can change the world by transmuting negative to positive.


Elijah Minton "The Art Alchemist"

Elijah Minton “The Art Alchemist”

Tevonne T.E.V. Hummans of Creative Boy Culture showcased his Summer ’15 line of Fedora hats at the event. The surfaces of which he paints also include handmade designs on handkerchiefs, belts, jackets, shoes, bags and he is now focusing on hats for the up and coming Fall/Winter ’15 season.  “The Educated Voice” of his time, he speaks with inspiration, passion, relevance, wisdom and empowerment expressing himself through creativity and the arts.

Tevonne “T.E.V.” Hemmans

“Bringing like-mined people together for networking in a creative space was my goal” says Katherine Polanco.  Polanco, “I Like Art Type Girl” founder is excited about her monthly exhibit and looks forward to hosting her next event on August 16th.

Hartlem Art Exhibit Premiers in Sugar Hill. For more info on – I Like Art Type Girl,   The Art Alchemist,   T.E.V.

Editor’s Note: The Art Alchemist is the son of writer CC Minton.

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