Harry Bertholf’s Hotel & Roadhouse, Harlem Lane, 1870’s

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What a great photograph taken from a stereoview of Harry Bertholf’s Hotel & Roadhouse, near Harlem Lane, in West Harlem, NY in the 1870s.


Harry Bertholf’s Hotel & Road House, was south of Harlem Lane (now St. Nicholas Ave.), which had horse racing stables for trotters and riding horses between 145th and 146th Streets along the Harlem River. Bertholf’s Hotel was perfectly positioned to take advantage of the Harlem Lane as the:

“…great road for fast driving” – said the Harlem’s Autobahn

The Bertholf family was one of the early Harlem families (like Van Keulen, Otterspoor, Morris Randall, Peter Benson, Abraham Storm, Roosevelt’s and others) that remained on large country estates on the heights overlooking the River.

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