Harlem’s Teyana Taylor Ready For “The Start Up”

teyana taylor the start upThere’s no “…or not” about it, Teyana Taylor is “super-duper excited” about this next phase in her life. The “Maybe” singer’s got a role in BET’s upcoming series The Start Up and a new hair line, Taylor’d Textures by My Extensionz.

“Man, I’m so excited to have my new show hit BET with Diggy Simmons and Bria Murphy…it’s absolutely amazing, it’s like a younger version of Entourage, so that’s super-duper exciting. We’re like jet-setters, trendsetters.”

Unlike most music trendsetters, who usually have a long list of designers and fashion icons that inspire their style, Teyana relies on herself and her eye for what looks good.

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“I don’t really, like, study anything. Like, if I see it, I like it, I buy it. I don’t really like lay my clothes on the bed or anything. But I’m very, very inspired by sports. Like, I love vintage sports stuff … I’m very inspired by that whole ’90s kind of vibe where poetry, hip hop and basketball all meet.”


Literally. “You know I’ve been in love lately,” she said regarding her relationship with NBA player Iman Shumpert, “So, I’ve been a little lady.” But she won’t hesitate to “throw the Js on and have some fun.”

When it came to starting her hair line, however, the star admitted that she was a bit apprehensive at first. But, a chance run-in with a very special fan changed her tune after finding out that the young lady had cancer.

“I think I’m really inspired to do one now to make sure [that] everyone in need has the hair and you can be funky and do what you wanna do,” Taylor said. She also added that after she dropped the line, she sent the fan bundles, hung out with her and received the news that she had in fact beat cancer!

Other than playing a jetsetter, check the video below to find out why Teyana Taylor is really amped about her role in The Start Up, plus more (source).

Check out it tonight at 10P/9C on BET.

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