Harlem’s Sherri Shepherd Wins Ugly Custody Battle

sherri_shepherdMadamenoire reports that Sherri Shepherd’s marriage to Lamar Sally is coming to an end was made public, and Sally asked for custody of their unborn son, it seemed as though Shepherd’s world started crashing around her. And to make matters worse, her ex-husband, Jeffrey Tarpley, thought it was the perfect time to call her an unfit mother and also take her to court for custody of their 9-year-old son, Jeffrey. A judge has now ruled on that custody battle, and it looks like Mr. Tarpley will have to go sit down somewhere, ASAP.

According to PEOPLE, Judge Michelle Williams ruled against Tarpley’s request for full custody (he wanted custody because of Sherri’s busy work schedule and her alleged neglect of their son). In LA Superior Court on Monday, Judge Williams based her decision on the fact that “there has not been a material change in circumstances.” Shepherd and her ex-husband were reportedly both in court to find out her ruling.

But this isn’t the last of Shepherd’s court battles. Lamar Sally is seeking full custody of their son via surrogate as well as child support payments. But Shepherd wants nothing to do with the child because she feels that Sally tricked her in order to get at her money. Shepherd has no biological ties to the child, as Sally’s sperm and the surrogate’s egg were used. Sally reportedly is planning to take Shepherd to court in order to force her to honor their surrogacy contract and has already drawn up legal papers.

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