Harlem’s Rep Charles Rangel And Some Others Vote “No” On The Electoral College


Some Democrats, Harlem’s Charlie Rangel included want to see the elimination of the Electoral College following Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-elect Donald Trump. 

Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) have introduced legislation to do away with the system and base the presidential election on the popular vote.

Clinton received 64.2 million votes on Election Day, more than 2 million more than Trump.

Tucker Carlson talked to Rangel Tuesday night, asking whether he’d be pursuing this legislation if Clinton had been victorious.

“Of course!” he answered, eliciting a laugh from the host.

Rangel argued that the reasons for having the Electoral College no longer exist, saying it should be “one man, one vote.”

He said he has put forth the bill as an “educational” tool for Americans who may not know that no votes have actually yet been cast for president.

Rangel said that more than 125 million Americans chose on November 8 which candidate their “electors” should support.

At least six electors have reportedly vowed to take the rare step of voting against the will of the people in their state on Dec. 19.

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