Harlem’s Kelis And Diddy “Uber Commercial” Mini Review (Video)

The Harlem‘s Kelis and Diddy Uber commercial is a great example of how a brand can create an effective and memorable ad campaign.

The commercial features Kelis and Diddy in an Uber car, where they discuss their love of food and how Uber makes it easier to get around the city to try new restaurants.

One of the strengths of the commercial is the use of two of Harlem’s well-known and influential celebrities, which helps to capture the audience’s attention and build credibility for the brand.

Additionally, the commercial effectively showcases the convenience of using Uber for getting around the city and exploring new dining options.

The use of Kelis and Diddy also highlights the diverse range of people who use Uber, as well as the wide variety of interests and passions that can be pursued in the city.

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The music and visuals in the ad also help to create a fun and upbeat vibe that resonates with we think most Harlem viewers.

The Uber One – One Hit For Uber One:

Overall, the Kelis and Diddy Uber commercial is a well-executed and effective ad campaign that successfully promotes the brand’s convenience and versatility.

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