Harlem’s Azealia Banks Starts Anger Management Program

The Harlem rapper Azealia Banks told a judge on Friday that she’s started an anger management program, part of the terms she agreed to in March when she admitted to biting a security guard’s breast, a source reported.

Banks was arrested in 2015 after she was escorted out of Chelsea’s ritzy 1 Up&Down club. The “212” rapper was asked to leave after causing a disturbance at the nightclub, located at 244 W 14th St. Banks admitted in March 2017 to punching and then biting the security guard who escorted her from the club.

As part of her plea deal, Banks agreed to enter an anger management program. If she completes the program and avoids future arrests for a year, her assault conviction will be reduced to disorderly conduct, sources reported.

Photo credit: Lead image via Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images Entertainment. Pictured: Azealia Banks covers her face with a pink bandana before her New York Criminal Court appearance on June 16, 2017.

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