Harlem The COVID Crisis Rates Still The Highest In Manhattan

Coronavirus rates in Harlem continue to rank among the highest in Manhattan as part of the citywide resurgence that has shuttered schools and prompted warnings about a possible return to lockdown orders.

In Central Harlem’s 10030 ZIP code, 4.91 percent of coronavirus tests came back positive over a 7-day period ending Sunday, according to the city’s latest data. The positivity rates in four Harlem ZIP codes ranked among the 10 highest in Manhattan during that week.

On Tuesday, city officials revealed that hospitalizations for COVID-19 infections had reached their highest point since June, at more than 1,100 patients. After temporarily closing schools last month, Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that further restrictions on indoor dining, gyms, and gatherings were “very likely” to follow.

Here is the COVID-19 testing data in Harlem’s ZIP codes between Nov. 23 and Nov. 29:

  • 10026 – Central Harlem (South): 1,368 people tested, 46 positive cases, 3.36 percent positivity
  • 10027 – Central Harlem (South)/Morningside Heights/West Harlem: 2,807 people tested, 59 positive cases, 2.1 percent positivity
  • 10029 – East Harlem: 2,238 people tested, 82 positive cases, 3.66 percent positivity
  • 10030 – Central Harlem (North): 957 people tested, 47 positive cases, 4.91 percent positivity
  • 10031 – Hamilton Heights/West Harlem: 1,736 people tested, 70 positive cases, 4.03 percent positivity
  • 10035 – East Harlem: 970 people tested, 25 positive cases, 2.58 percent positivity
  • 10037 – Central Harlem (North)/East Harlem: 592 people tested, 12 positive cases, 2.03 percent positivity
  • 10039 – Central Harlem (North)/Washington Heights (South): 613 people tested, 24 positive cases, 3.92 percent positivity

All eight Harlem ZIP codes are showing higher positivity rates than they did in early November when none stood above 3 percent.

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Much of the virus’s recent resurgence in Manhattan has been centered uptown — nine of the borough’s 10 ZIP codes with the highest positivity rates through Sunday were in Upper Manhattan.

City Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi has begun encouraging New Yorkers to stay inside and avoid nonessential activities or social contact, especially for those who are at-risk and above 65.

The city’s 7-day positivity rate stood at 4.8 percent Wednesday reports Patch.

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