Harlem Supers: The Social Life Of A Community In Transition

harlem supers bookHarlem Supers is a micro ethnography and in-depth analysis examining the superintendent occupation within the broader context of the city and a primary focus on various Harlem communities. Williams aims to provide an understanding of the life of superintendents and the role they play in the city, the building, the block, and the neighborhood as contributors to the analysis of migration patterns, community-building, and displacement in specific American urban areas. Examining the life of the community facing a rapid process of gentrification, displacement, desertification and renewal, Williams explores superintendents as an essential component in the life of most New Yorkers, and the role they play in the formation of relationships and networks within the neighborhood.

Terry Williams is Fellow at Yale University, USA, and Professor at the New School for Social Research, USA.

Harlem Supers, by Terry Williams, Palgrave Macmillan (November 5, 2015)

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