Harlem Speaker Mark-Viverito Statement On The Closing of Rikers Island And More (Video)

Here are the Harlem Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito words:

A year ago, I made a promise to overhaul New York City’s criminal justice system and make New York a more fair and just city for all New Yorkers. To that end, I announced the creation of the Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, to be led by Former Chief Judge Lippman. In collaboration with key stakeholders, over the past year the Commission closely examined every facet of criminal justice in our city, reimagined possibilities for the reform of that system and developed recommendations, including winding down the population of Rikers Island, a jail whose legacy of systemic violence and abuse has been a blemish on New York City for decades. Although this is a milestone event, it will still be some time before the final individual in holding leaves Rikers. In the meantime, the Council has passed 19 local laws this session related to city jails. As prime sponsor of many of these bills, I see these actions as the least we can do as we set our criminal justice system on a pathway toward true rehabilitation and reform.

Here’s the video:

Read the Commission Report here.

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