Harlem Speaker Mark-Viverito Calls Out Rubio

a-Mark-Viverito_3Harlem New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is criticizing Republicans for not helping debt-crippled Puerto Rico.

Mark-Viverito, a Democrat, said Tuesday “it won’t be forgotten” that Republicans in Congress opposed aid to the U.S. territory when passing last week’s catch-all spending bill.

The speaker, one of the nation’s leading Puerto Rican politicians, singled out Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

He previously supported a bailout before opposing it.

Mark-Viverito claimed that was

“an egregious flip-flop”

and said she and other Latino activists would rally Florida’s 1 million Puerto Ricans on this issue in 2016 reports Crains NewYork.

Rubio did not immediately return a request for comment. Many Republicans believe a bailout should be a last resort.

House Speaker Paul Ryan ordered lawmakers to come up with a solution by March, 2016.

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