Harlem Residents At Wagner Houses Fed Up As Rodents Run Rampant

PX 11 reports that rodents are running rampant at the Wagner Houses and sending residents running at the same time.

Shaniqua Freeman used to live at the Wagner Houses on First Avenue in Harlem. She says she left due to trash, rats and roaches.

“I had enough,” said Freeman. “I want my daughter to have better.”

Jamel Martin says the rodent problem is so bad, he started posting YouTube videos called “Wagner Rats.”

“They run from these vents here on the left, to the garbage on the right. Our front door is in the middle of it all,” said Eugene Mcquitter, a resident of the Wagner Houses for 59 years.

A New York City Housing Authority spokesperson tells PIX11:

“Staff are now increasing extermination efforts on a weekly basis and regularly removing garbage from the collection sites so residents can properly discard household trash. Working together with residents, we can make Wagner Houses the clean and connected community that every resident deserves.”

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