Harlem’s Rep. Espaillat Statement Remembering The Victims And Families Of September 11

Today, Representative Adriano Espaillat issued the following statement in recognition of the 20th year since the attacks of September 11, 2001:

September 11th serves as a solemn reminder to each of us and our allies around the globe of the tragic loss of the nearly 3,000 innocent Americans and our strength as a nation to stand united in the face of terrorism.

“Twenty years since the attacks, we remember the lives lost that fateful day as we witnessed the strength and bravery of individuals who sacrificed everything to help their fellow New Yorkers, colleagues at the Pentagon, and fellow passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93.

“As the names of the victims are read each year, we have embraced the loved ones left behind to rebuild along this journey and as lives were touched around the nation and the world, we have shown our greatest strength as a nation, standing in unity, solidarity, and as one in the days that followed.

“We reflect on the day in remembrance of the frontline workers who perished while helping their fellow neighbors and reaffirm our commitment to comfort the survivors and frontline workers who continue to suffer various health issues to this day – including those of whom remain undocumented and feared deportation as they assisted with the cleanup efforts in the days that followed. They too, deserve a pathway to citizenship and legal immigration status here in the United States.

“Throughout many moments of today, we will vow to never forget 9/11 and cannot ignore the magnitude of emotion and remembrance as we reflect on the lives of survivors, their families, and first responders.

“May God continue to bless America, our 9/11 families, survivors and all those who served to help strengthen and comfort our nation in the days that followed. Keep the faith.”

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