Harlem Rep. Adriano Espaillat Statement On DHS Report On Separated Children

Today, Harlem Representative Adriano Espaillat released the following statement in response to a report by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The report is on its handling of the separation of families at the southern border under President Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy.

“The Department of Homeland Security’s implementation of Donald Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy separating immigrant children from their parents and detaining them has become one of the most harmful, misguided, and inhumane policies put forth by this administration to date,” said Rep. Adriano Espaillat.

“Additionally, this new report released by the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) highlights the Trump administration’s inability to identify, keep track of, and reunify families that it separated and further demonstrates that this administration is not up to the task of implementing policies of its own creation, which has tragically led to a humanitarian crisis that could have been prevented. There are still hundreds of families separated – many of these children are at the Cayuga Center in my district. I continue to push for their reunification even in spite of an Administration that has been slow to process fingerprints and slow to process their cases.”

Find out more about Rep. Espaillat at https://espaillat.house.gov/

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