Harlem Mash-Up With Diddy And Pharrel For ‘Mirage’ (video)

Two guys are lost in the desert in Fiat’s global ad campaign “Mirage.” A four-door Fiat drives by and the pair dismiss it as a mirage, as the song “Happy,” as performed by Pharrell Williams pays in the background. A second Fiat comes up to the men — this one with Harlem man Sean “Diddy” Combs inside, offering the men water. Clearly, another mirage, right? Au contraire. The lost duo eventually stumble upon a desert party, hosted by Diddy — but are still convinced it’s all a mirage because Fiat doesn’t make four-door cars. They do now. The ad promotes the Fiat 500L using the tagline “Unbelievably Big.” See it here, created by Doner.

Diddy Make It Rain
Diddy Make It Rain (Photo credits: Giphy)

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