Harlem Man In Wheelchair Takes Bus To Connecticut, Ends Up In Massachusetts

The wheels on this bus went round too much.

A disabled Harlem resident’s trip to visit a friend in Connecticut turned into a journey from hell after a bus driver forgot to help him off.

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Shane Jones, 49, boarded a Peter Pan bus to Hartford at the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 11:15 p.m. on Saturday.

Jones, who uses a wheelchair, was seated in the back with the aid of the driver. But when the bus arrived in Hartford, he was unable get the driver’s attention. “I was banging on the window and screaming, but he didn’t hear me,” Jones said.

There, the red-faced driver took Jones back to Hartford, but by then it was too late. Jones’ friend, who also uses a wheelchair, was unable to arrange a pickup at that later time.

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So Jones went back to Manhattan, but he had to pay $20 to change his ticket.

On Monday, a Peter Pan executive said he was investigating what happened. “The driver could be subject to discipline,” said Chris Crean, vice president of safety. “We … try not to strand people anywhere, anytime.”

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