Harlem Killers Mary Cunningham And Ethel Little 1954

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Even though the story in bold and all caps type was about America’s Richest Beggars, it was the sexy cover photograph of Harlem model Mary Cunningham that got all the attention in the March 25, 1954 issue of Jet Magazine.

It was the small text to the left:

MARY CUNNINGHAM: Popular Harlem Model was acquitted after slaying lover accidentally.

And the sub-head at the bottom of the magazine cover Women Who Killed For Love that told the real story of what this issue was about.

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Even though Ms. Cunningham the mother of a 13-year-old and an estranged wife shot her lover who had five children for not leaving his wife, a grand jury failed to indict her.

If that wasn’t enough, it was reported in The Afro American Newspaper dated February 6th, 1954 that Ms. Cunningham got a Million Dollars worth of publicity by releasing the love letters of her lover to the media.

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Last, but not least, on page 30, it’s the story of Ethel Little 35, was the owner of grocery store in Harlem shot her 200 pound ex-boxer husband, John, 48, with a 32 caliber pistol then dumped his body in a Brooklyn Park. Her last words:

I had to kill him. It was in me.

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