Harlem Inspired Artist Creates Literacy For Incarcerated Teens

galinsky in harlemInspired by the work of Harlem resident, artist, and activist Jamal Joseph (pictured below), NYC artist Robert Galinsky (above) has been going to Rikers Island Jail twice a week and correctional facilities.The correctional facilities Mr. Galinsky attends are in Hudson and Long Island NY to help incarcerated teens, a population that has been largely forgotten, bringing workshops on literature, creative writing, character building, and reading, etc.
galinsky2The online auction is to further push the initiative and better assist teens in prison. Money raised from the auction will be put towards tools to facilitate the workshops and provide continuous resources such as publishing, guest artist talks, books and pencils. So far LIT has received items and help from Grammy winner Nile Rogers, the Mohegan Sun Gaming Resort, Jamal Josephscores of entrepreneurs and other NYC businesses and individuals.

With over 100 auction items ranging from ‘Coffee with a Black Panther’, to private yoga & pilates sessions, to U.S. OPEN Tennis tix, to a vast fine art selection that would make even a Soho Gallery envious. This auction is an invitation to imagination and inspiration, as it addresses forgotten kids with the least chance of success in America. Bidding (began last week on) June 1,” 2016.

Join the fun at our auction, bidding has started:


The auction continues to August 16, 2016.

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