Harlem High School Student Omotayo Adeoye Commits Suicide

June 2, 2014

omotayo_adeoye1A student at an elite Harlem high school allegedly killed herself on Thursday after she was caught cheating on an exam and cried out, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Omotayo Adeoye, 17, a student at the High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College, was caught using her cell phone during a German-language exam, Raw Story reports.

eva“Oh, you shouldn’t be cheating!” yelled the teacher, Eva Malikova, a classmate told the New York Post. When Omotayo apologized, Malikova allegedly snapped: “Oh, you are not really sorry. That’s not a sincere apology!” Authorities say the junior wrote a suicide note on the exam, saying she wanted “to go away forever on the bottom of the river,” asked to use the bathroom, and left the school.

article-2644847-1E5D67E900000578-771_634x347She then walked to the Hudson River at West 165th Street, where she put her school ID on a rock, ignored the cries of panicked fishermen, and leaped in the water.

Witnesses told police that the Bronx girl—who couldn’t swim, her father says—bobbed on the water and seemed to force herself under. “I said, ‘Come here, come here, don’t go to the water,'” a 71-year-old fisherman told the New York Times.

“She was just crying, crying all the time.” Several students said they heard her teacher, Malikova, screaming in anguish at school the next day. Search teams still hadn’t recovered Omotayo’s body as of Saturday night.

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CBS New York reports the Department of Education is investigating (source).

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