The “Harlem Dragball” Award Ceremony And Dinner

harlems-drag-ballHonoring 100 Harlem Ballroom competitors from the “Red Era” (1986-1990)

The “Harlem Dragball” community on Saturday, April 19th 2014, at the Holiday Inn Grand Ballroom at 440 West 57th St., NYC @ 6pm., will honor individuals for their over 25 years of dedication and historical preservation of the Harlem Ballroom Dragball competitions which now in 2014 has expanded globally with events being held around the world in countries of Japan, Russia, England, and France.

17937_479808605256_4442387_nIn June of 2007, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored these pioneers of the Ballroom community (“White Era”1967-1985) with their own “Hollywood Walk of Fame Star” acknowledging their creative talents and extensive contributions to the documentary Paris Is Burning”.  This year the next generation (Red Era 1986-1990) will be honored who continued that legacy with individuals taking ballroom competition and Voguing internationally with Malcolm McLaren’s (“Deep In Vogue”) and Madonna’s video Vogue and this year the 20 year historical pictorial book called “LEGENDARY” by Gerard Gaskins which has over 200 pictures of drag balls.

This weekend which is called “Master BallStar Weekend” and “Arika” the organization based out of Edinburg, U.K. that puts on events worldwide since 2001 dealing specifically with artists, musicians, dancers, and writers who structure events surrounding their creative talents teamed up with the “Federation of Ballroom Houses” that is national entity that deals with the structure and formats of events since 2006 that are given by the ballroom community. “Ultra-Red” which is based out of England which puts on events pertaining the political and cultural analysis of creative expression has partnered up as well to make this event profound and memorable.

Kym Whitley, Hollywood Actress and Comedian stated “this celebration honoring people who have preserved ballroom for over 50 years which is a part of NYC history it’s a part of American history which hasn’t been told.”

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