Harlem Man Diddy’s Ciroc Takes Guests On A Sensational Journey At Chateau Ciroc To Launch Their Latest Flavor Ciroc Passion

Last night, CÎROC celebrated the launch of the latest permanent flavor inspired by Harlem’s Sean “Diddy” Combs – CÎROC Passion – at château CÎROC, a sensorial experience that celebrates and empowers the passion that fuels us.

Together with these Black creatives, Chef Richard Ingraham, illustrator Karabo Poppy, fashion designer LaQuan Smith and artist Bryson Tiller, guests immersed themselves in the flavors of new CÎROC Passion while exploring areas curated by the talent partners themselves.

Each area included tactical touches related to setting each sense on fire, to help people leave feeling more inspired and charged than how they entered. 

Bryson Tiller, as an artist, Bryson Tiller’s “Sound” is fueled by passion. Sound has the power to change the element of any room, evoke emotions and impact someone’s life forever. It elevates every experience. Bryson brought that element to château CÎROC, walking guests through the power of sound and celebrating his latest single with Mr. Combs “Gotta Move On.”

Chef Richard Ingraham’s “Taste” is a special sense that allows for a discovery of a new world. There’s so much passion in flavor and Chef Richard brought this sense alive through his carefully curated recipes that complemented the aroma and flavors of CÎROC Passion. 

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Karabo Poppy, as an illustrator, the passion that drives Karabo Poppy’s art comes from the things she sees all around. At château CÎROC Karabo brought the essence of LOVE and Passion through custom digital artwork that took guests on a journey filled with colors and textures as they discovered “Sight.” 

LaQuan Smith, as a designer, LaQuan Smith is always looking for new ways of inspiration whether it’s through a variety of fabrics, textures and materials. With “Touch” being one of our first senses and one unparalleled in creating a sense of connection, LaQuan showed guests a few of these elements that have inspired his designs and ignited his passion at château CÎROC.

CÎROC Passion is an exotic blend of the tropics. Supercharged with distinctive flavor notes of pineapple, citrus, mango and hibiscus, resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. 

Like Harlem and Diddy, fuel your passion.

Available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Photo credit: Monica Schipper.

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