Harlem Debutante Ball, 1950’s

1950harlemdebutantecotiThe above photo was taken during the 1950’s for Life magazine of a cotillion in Harlem.

The photographs are a rare look at a Harlem society that vanished in the following decades along with an interior view of a once prominent building in Harlem.

d44106844908e32b_landingYoung ladies of distinguished backgrounds would be presented at a debutante ball dressed in the most formal of attire.

color-785420This was also an important event for the young gentlemen of the Harlem upper class and they would be paired off with the ladies at the gala.
The formal classical balconies and accoutrements in the historic Renaissance Ballroom in Central Harlem on the corner of 138th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and 7th Avenue.
92937073The final image below is of the New York City commissioner posing for a photograph with Harlem debutantes 1964 (Source).
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