Harlem Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez Statement On Pending Legislation Regarding The MTA

Councilmember-Ydanis-Rodriguez1Harlem Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez released this statement in relation to legislation currently pending Governor Cuomo’s signature, that would remove the ability for the MTA to circumvent local zoning law when it comes to building on MTA-owned sites for a “Transportation Purpose”.

This legislation is: A10421/S8037

Over the Thanksgiving break, I hope that Governor Cuomo is spending important time with family and close friends, like many of us throughout the state. Understanding that he and his staff are busy during this time, it would be an important measure for our City and municipalities throughout the state if he were able to sign A10421/S8037, legislation preventing the MTA to circumvent local zoning codes in constructing buildings for a ‘transportation purpose’. As New York City is working hard to ensure that any zoning changes are well thought out and spur affordable housing development, it is vital that local jurisdiction remain in place. We want to prevent buildings that fall far outside the character of a local community, without mandated affordable units. I am glad that our state legislature addressed these concerns during session and I am hopeful that our Governor will support their voices, aimed at protecting our communities across the state.

Harlem World Magazine feels that it is important that any and all legislation take into account all its constituents in the Harlem, Uptown, Upper Manhattan, Washington Hieghts and Inwood area of New York City.

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