Harlem Community Board Member Gets Voted Off

extralargeA community board member may lose her seat at the table for not showing up to enough meetings.

Community Board 11 voted unanimously Tuesday to start the process of removing Alexa Birdsong from the board.

When acting chairwoman Diane Collier initiated the vote, several board members said they didn’t even know who Birdsong is.

“Everyone’s questions as to who she is speaks loudly,” Collier said. “The bylaws say that you are only supposed to miss five [full board] meetings. Her absenteeism has been more than five — in fact 10.”

According to the city charter, community boards have the power to remove members, “for cause, which shall include substantial nonattendance at board or committee meetings.”

While not entirely unprecedented, removing a board member in the middle of his or her appointment is rare.

“So far I am aware of one other case so far since [Borough President Gale] Brewer has taken office,” spokesman Andrew Goldston said.

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