Harlem Civil War As Cam’Ron Preps A Response To Jim Jones’s Emotional Interview

Jim Jones recently got in his feelings while discussing his former friendship with his longtime collaborator Cam’Ron

On February 9th, 2017, when the tearful interview began making its rounds online, many began to wonder how Killa Cam would react, especially because Jones paints a nostalgic portrait that showcases how, in regard to the pair being loyal to one another, Cam’Ron didn’t necessarily go above and beyond.

While the pair’s relationship has been strained for awhile, judging by Jones getting emotional while reflecting on the good times and the bad times alike, he misses his estranged brother.

However, Cam’Ron may or may not feel the same way, especially considering the beef between the two was at an all-time high in recent months and the possibility of a Dipset reunion felt extremely unlikely.

Taking to Instagram, Cam decided to share a bit of a warning message, promising to go live on the social media site to give his unfiltered reaction to Jones passionate commentary.

“Ima go live 2mr night at 9pm..” Cam’Ron posted on the ‘gram. “I ain’t gonna be [crying emoji] either.”

Sounds like he’s getting ready to go off on Jones and won’t be returning the emotional sentiment. While the two have remained relatively vague explaining why exactly they have a problem with one another, hopefully tomorrow February 11th, 2017 we’ll finally get some answers from Cam.

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