Harlem Do’s and Don’ts: Basic Tips And Etiquette

harlem livingThese drawings by Nathan Pyle for AP are nice reminders of something we have probably all experienced in the great village of Harlem.

No matter if you’re on the A train going to 125th Street or the 2 or 3 trains leaving 135th Street – there’s a reason that train is empty.

Empty because something smells, crazy riders or more.

181aebe0-d13b-11e3-8daa-c97237150c1d_AP294522409957What is that about? This standing a bit to close always seems to happen in the biggest of places and then they will turn around and look at you like you’re crazy.

Give people their private space.

13359080-d13b-11e3-81d5-f5ef034d042c_AP47783678455Well, yeah it’s true you’ll save money buying a more expensive umbrella instead of the $5 umbrella on the corner, but then when you leave the apartment in the morning and it’s 90 degrees outside who’s thinking umbrella?

Quality last forever.

From source.

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