Harlem Artists Town Hall: The Affordable Care Act Info Session (video)

On day, Saturday, December 7th at the Emblem Health Neighborhood Care Center, from 2 pm to 4 pm , 215 West 125th Street, Harlem, Harlem World Magazine and InJoy Enterprises hosted a Artists Town Hall: The Affordable Care Act information session.

The video documents the session that focused on how the new Affordable Care Act will affect artists (visual, performers, actors, dancers, musicians, designers, etc.,) as independent contractors.

Artists need to take care of themselves, so they can ultimately take care of each other. Now, more than ever, is a time where artists need to be strong and make their voices heard. They deserve so much better as the people responsible for bringing the culture, community and economy, that makes NYC and so many major cities such incredible places to live. Artists are smart, hard-working, passionate people, and the world needs to know that.

Emblem Healthcare specialist Malik Abdur-Razzag discussed how to obtain health coverage and the financial help to pay for it. And discussed took questions regarding the looming January 1, 2014 deadline.

aids blanket installation shotAs we talked about Affordable Care, we celebrated those who are no longer with us who lost the healthcare battle and died of HIV/AIDS. We celebrated them with a showing of a selection of the 700 patches from Danny Tisdale, IUME and students at Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing & Visual Arts and organizations in Harlem as part of the Harlem AIDS Blanket (HarlemAIDSblanket.wordpress.com).

In addition, Diane Richardson gave a reading on “Affordable Housing” from the Harlem Writers Guild. The event was accompanied by a simulcast radio show on www.Rhythmandsoulradio.com.

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