Harlem Artist Nicole Goodwin Performs At United Nations

nicole goodwin1By Eartha Watts-Hicks

Writers stay encouraged, having the courage to share “this” gift…can take you to amazing places. The gifted and multi-talented artist, Harlem’s Nicole Goodwin, is being featured this week at a presentation at the United Nations (Yes, during the General Assembly), performing before, with, and amongst royalty and heads of state.

CPqbRjdWoAAkk_KThis virtual reality experience called The Machine to Be Another placed first, winning the Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe (N.I.C.E.) Award for @BeAnotherLab.

This week Nicole is sharing her art, life, and thoughts, giving the world a chance to know…what it feels like to be…her.

…And by the way…my sister invited “lil ol’ me” to participate.

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