Hamilton Characters: Who Are They, What is The Story About

September 4, 2021

From the first day Hamilton musical hit the spotlight, it has always captivated the hearts of its viewers whenever it is performed. The most intriguing thing about the musical, apart from its unique pattern, is its characters. Hamilton is a brilliant musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, inspired by the biography of Alexander Hamilton, written by Ron Chernow. Hamilton musical by Miranda is a complete game-changer; it was a brilliantly written and composed piece. Most referred to the musical as making history with history.

Comment Editor Marino Unger-Verma, summarized Hamilton as the story of love, death, and legacy. Love in the sense that Eliza was so in love with Hamilton and even forgave him when he betrayed her trust by cheating on her with Maria Reynolds. Death refers to the death of Hamilton, how his life was cut short in a duel with Aaron Burr. Legacy represents the positive role he played as one of America’s founding fathers, the efforts his wife Eliza made to continue his works the way she felt he would have done it, and the history he made in America. This summary can be argued because it focuses more on just two characters, Eliza and Alexander Hamilton.

Generally, it is safe to say the story is about part of the history of America, how a young bastard or orphaned immigrant worked so hard to become an important figure in society. It highlighted the American Revolution, political opposition. The rise and fall of Alexander Hamilton and loyalty

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story of Hamilton is about the extraordinary life of “the ten dollars founding father without a father.” The New York Daily News described Hamilton as “a complicated guy; a patriot, narcissist and know-it-all, an unfaithful husband but true-blue politico more concerned with preserving his reputation than protecting his marriage.”

In all, Hamilton is a story of one of the founding fathers of America, Alexander Hamilton.

The Characters of Hamilton Musical in no Particular Order

Each of these Hamilton characters, which can be found at hamiltontickets.org, has their significance and played a major role in making Hamilton’s musical success. Miranda’s Hamilton, from the first day it was premiered, remains one of the most successful musicals on Broadway and in history.

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Alexander Hamilton 

Alexander, as we know, is one of the founding fathers of America; he is the main character in Hamiltons musical. His character in the musical portrays that of a man who had a rough childhood and had to work twice harder than others to get to where he wanted. He achieved a lot in quite a short time and would have achieved more but died in a duel with Aaron Burr.

Eliza Schuyler

Many have argued that Eliza is the main hero in the Hamilton musical. She was a loving and devoted wife; even though Hamilton cheated on her at some point, she forgave. She was a sympathetic character, lost her child, and got cheated on by her husband, Alexander. The most impressive thing about this character was that she remained a good wife despite her loss and heartbreak. After the death of her husband, despite the betrayal from him, she did lots of positive things in his name to create a lasting legacy for her husband, Alexander.

Aaron Burr

Aaron was a friend and foe of Hamilton and finally ended up killing Hamilton. The two characters had similar traits like being intelligent, ambitious, and motivated, but they always had differences. Hamilton didn’t like Aaron’sAaron’s way of handling matters, so he always countered him. When Hamilton supported Thomas Jefferson for president rather than him, Aaron became infuriated and challenged Hamilton to a duel and killed him. Burr may be an antagonist, but his character is one of the most important characters in the musical.

George Washington

George Washington was the first president of the United States of American and a general during the American revolution. He was a mentor to Hamilton, trusted him and soon made him his right-hand man.

Angelica Schuyler

Angelica is an intelligent and beautiful lady that falls in love with Hamilton but couldn’t marry as her parents expected her to marry a wealthier man. She introduces Hamilton to Eliza, her sister but still harbored love for him in her heart.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas became the first secretary of state when they returned from France after the war. He always opposed Hamilton o political issues because he threatened him. In his quest to dig out dirt about Hamilton to reduce his relevance, he finds out about Hamilton’s affair. Hamilton was quick enough to admit his adulterous act publicly before words got out. In the end, Thomas became the president of America after John Adams due to Hamilton’sHamilton’s endorsement.

Charles Lee

Lee is a general who fights for the colonist and was chosen by George Washington to handle a command post rather than Hamilton.

James Maddison

Maddison was once an ally to Hamilton but later joined Thomas Jefferson in his mission to bring Hamilton down.

Philip Hamilton

Philip is the first son of Eliza and Hamilton. He was as smart as his father. His life was short-lived as he died in a duel, defending his father’s honor.

John Laurens

Laurens was a good friend of Hamilton. He fought against slavery and created the first battalion that fought in the American Revolution as an exchange for freedom.

Hercules Mulligan

Mulligan is a friend of Hamilton that was a tailor and later a soldier

King George iii

The monarchy the colonists are rebelling against

George Packer

Eacker kills Philip Hamilton dishonorably in a duel

Peggy Schuyler

The youngest sister of angelica and Eliza Schuyler

Samuel Seabury

Seabury is a bishop who urges people to support the king and Great Britain but strongly opposed Hamilton.

Maria Reynold

Maria is Hamilton’sHamilton’s mistress.

Marquis De Lafayette

Lafayette is a friend of Hamilton that assisted in the American revolution. He is a French aristocrat and a military officer.

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