Halstead Hosts Beautify The Boulevard Event In Harlem (Photographs)

Real Estate Weekly reports that Halstead’s Harlem office recently hosted “Beautify the Boulevard,” an event that successfully brought together and celebrated the work of Uptown artists, restaurants and local businesses along Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance, an organization that aims to support and promote the community as a model, mixed-use neighborhood through advocacy and community, public and private partnerships.

Approximately 70 people came out to Harlem to enjoy local art and cuisine, all while supporting a great cause and raising over $7,000 in the process.

Photo credit: 1) Sarah Pedersen and Curtis Archer and Sandy Wilson. 2) Mika Jones 3) Gale Brewer and Ivonne Velasquez and Curtis Archer. 4) Karen Gastiaburo and Jim Barton and Leanne Stella. 5) Gareth and Yvonne and Musa Jackson. 6) Susannah and Felicia de Chabris. 7) Sharon Whitney and Ivonne Velasquez. 8) Dr Brenda Bennett with Martha Cameron.

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