“Haiku Vibrations: Womanhood Not to Be Sacrificed” 2016, By Nefertiti


Periodically we do features on artists and their art. This time its printer, designer, and New Jersey based artist Nefertiti, she has exhibited her work at The Studio Museum in Harlem, the Schomburg Center for Research, and her painting Haiku Vibrations: Womanhood Not to Be Sacrificed, above, is a “poetic painting,”

The artist said:

“my spirit and soul is in Harlem”

and that the piece is:

“from my Haiku Suite that reflects a universal social dilemma.”

Haiku Vibrations: Womanhood Not to Be Sacrificed, Painting: gouache & acrylic, 52”x17″

Nefertiti, 973-934-1606, nefertitifineart.businesscatalyst.com/

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