Guide In Dealing With Insurance Companies: How Plantation Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

October 20, 2021

Individuals injured in an accident often turn to a personal injury attorney for assistance in resolving the matter. They don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to deal with the insurer for the responsible party and choose to turn this task over to a professional. However, some men and women question whether they need legal representation at this time. They wonder what tasks the attorney will take on that they cannot handle themselves. The following situations highlight the importance of working with an attorney at this time.


If you are suffering from an injury, you recognize it impacts every part of your life. However, you have no way of knowing how long the injury will take to heal and its full impact on you and your loved ones. The personal injury attorney is of great assistance at this time, as they understand how to calculate damages associated with the accident to ensure a victim is fairly compensated. 

For example, men and women may overlook the expense associated with hiring a home cleaning service because they are unable to complete basic household tasks due to their injuries. The attorney takes this into consideration during the negotiations with the insurer responsible for settling the claim. Insurers offer the lowest amount possible, and the attorney counteroffers to ensure their client receives fair treatment. 

Claim Denials

Insurance companies often deny claims initially, hoping the victim will give up and not seek compensation. They do so using a variety of techniques. For instance, the insurer may claim the victim didn’t provide all relevant information or try to say the victim was actually at fault. Often, the insurance company says the policy doesn’t cover the injuries of the victim. The victim could miss out on compensation as they don’t understand the provisions and exclusions of the responsible party’s policy. An experienced attorney is there to guide them throughout the process. 


Victims should never speak to the insurer for the other party in an accident. The insurance company may use any statement against the victim in court. For instance, they may ask how the victim is doing. Most people in this situation provide a one-word answer, such as “fine” or “okay.” The insurance company then states in court the victim’s injuries aren’t that serious based on the answer they gave to this question. 

Furthermore, victims often provide more information than is needed, which can harm their case. People often hear they should only answer the question they were asked and say nothing more. Doing so is difficult for many, as they want their side of the story to be told. Any additional information, however, may be used against them. 

No one should sign a medical release without first obtaining legal advice. Doing so could reduce the amount of compensation provided. Furthermore, a victim shouldn’t settle until they are sure all injuries have been treated and no further medical care will be needed. Settling too soon can lead to mounting medical bills for the victim that the other party is no longer responsible for paying. 

Work with a personal injury attorney if you have been the victim of an accident. Doing so helps to ensure fair compensation is received and your rights are protected throughout the process. Hire an attorney experienced in personal injury cases to get the best possible outcome so you can move forward with your life following this unpleasant event. 

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