Grants Tomb, Riverside Drive And 122nd Street, 1897

grants-tomb-on-122nd-streetGrants Tomb, looks north, with 122nd Street and Riverside Drive to the left, the photograph was taken the year of its completion in Morningside Heights, in 1897.

The Tomb designed by John Hemenway Duncan, is a mausoleum containing the remains of Ulysses S. Grant. In the foreground shows the newly paved dirt raceway coming south past the photographer. Nothing can be seen on the left side of the Tomb with the Harlem pier somewhere farther left in the distance. The Tomb sits alone at the top of the base centered in the photograph between 121st and 122nd Streets, and to the right is the remaining house to the right (before it was demolished, making room for apartment units).

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The view of the horizon line illustrates an almost straight line without houses, apartments, or stores except for the lone building to the right (which could be a horse stable).

The monument was completed in time for the 75th anniversary ceremony of Grant’s birth on April 27, 1897.


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