Grandmas, Legendary Pieces Of Advice That Inspire Greatness

August 6, 2023

Amidst the rich tapestry of culture, the wisdom and guidance of grandmothers hold a special place from Harlem to Harare.

Grandmas possess a unique blend of strength, resilience, and unwavering love, passing down invaluable pieces of advice from one generation to the next.

In this article, we delve into nineteen brilliant nuggets of wisdom from grandmas that continue to inspire greatness and resilience in our lives today.

Here are the best tips from Grandmas from Harlem to Hollywood:

“Know your history; it’s your power,” our grandmas emphasize the importance of understanding one’s heritage, encouraging us to embrace our history and use it as a foundation for a brighter future.

“Always walk with your head held high,” in a world that may challenge our worth, grandmas remind us to exude confidence and pride in our identity.

“Dream big and fearlessly pursue your passions,” grandmas ignite the flames of ambition, instilling the belief that our dreams are within reach and always urging us to chase them with determination.

“Take care of your community, and it will take care of you,” our grandmas teach the value of collective responsibility, inspiring us to uplift and support our communities for mutual growth and prosperity.

“Education is the key that unlocks doors,” grandmas emphasize the transformative power of education, encouraging us to pursue knowledge as a means of empowerment and success.

“Perseverance is in our blood,” grandmas pass down stories of resilience and the strength to overcome adversity, reminding us to stay determined in the face of challenges.

“Your voice matters; speak up for what’s right,” our grandmas empower us to use our voices as catalysts for change, advocating for justice, equality, and the rights of all.

“Love yourself unapologetically,” grandmas teach self-love as an act of resistance against societal pressures and remind us to embrace our uniqueness and inherent beauty. Knowing that we can’t love someone else until we love ourselves.

“Never forget where you come from, but always strive for more,” grandmas stress the significance of honoring our roots while aiming for personal growth and progress.

“Find joy in the simple things,” our grandmas encourage us to appreciate life’s small pleasures, finding beauty and happiness even in challenging times.

“Strength comes from unity,” our grandma emphasizes the power of unity within families and communities, teaching us to lift each other up and support one another.

“Practice forgiveness; it frees your spirit,” grandmas impart the healing power of forgiveness, encouraging us to let go of resentment and find peace within ourselves.

“Respect your elders and learn from their wisdom,” our grandmas highlight the importance of honoring and learning from those who came before us, valuing the wisdom and experiences of older generations.

“Embrace your natural beauty; it’s a crown you wear with pride,” grandmas celebrate the beauty of our lips, hips, and hair encouraging us to embrace our unique features and challenging societal beauty standards.

“Give back and help others rise,” grandmas foster a spirit of generosity and service, reminding us to extend a helping hand to those in need and uplift others on their journey.

“Never stop learning; knowledge has no bounds,” our grandmas emphasize the value of lifelong learning, urging us to seek knowledge and broaden our horizons continuously.

“Stand tall in the face of injustice,” grandmas teach us to be courageous and unyielding in the pursuit of justice, standing up against racism, discrimination, and inequality.

“Your story matters; share it with the world,” grandmas encourage us to share our unique narratives, knowing that our stories have the power to inspire, educate, and bring about change.

“Remember, you are a legacy of greatness,” our grandmas remind us that we are the embodiment of the strength, resilience, and brilliance of those who came before us, inspiring us to carry on their legacy with pride and honor.


The wisdom of grandmas is an invaluable gift that continues to shape our lives. From encouraging us to know our history to inspiring us to pursue our dreams fearlessly, their advice resonates deep within us, guiding us to embrace our identity, make a difference, and strive for greatness.

The timeless counsel of grandmas serves as a beacon of hope and resilience, empowering us to create a better future for ourselves and future generations.

If you think we missed a few tips to inspire please leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

Photo credit: Wikipedia.

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