Got A High Electricity Bill? Here Are 8 Tips To Minimize It

November 16, 2022

Has your electricity bill increased dramatically compared to the last one?

Don’t worry; you can take several easy steps to decrease your electricity expenditures if you’re searching for strategies to lower your utility bills, from turning off the lights to cost-effectively using thermostats. Here are the best methods to begin saving right away.

  • Begin with auditing:

Before you begin using any energy-saving techniques, get a broad understanding of the amount of electricity you are currently utilizing. To achieve this, you may either use an online assessment tool, install an auditing application, or employ a professional. After your power audit is finished and in your possession, finding chances to spend less energy becomes much easier.

  • Replace old bulbs:

CFLs and outdated filament lights use a lot of power. Your power bill will decrease if you switch to LED lights, and the amount of light will increase. According to the numbers, a 100-watt filament bulb uses one unit of power every 10 hours. In contrast, a 15-watt CFL uses one power unit in 66.5 hours. A 9-watt LED will use one unit of power after 111 hours at the same time.

  • Turn off the devices after use:

We frequently leave the room without shutting off the AC, fan, or lighting, which is improper. When not in use, electronic equipment should be turned off. With this, you’ll be able to prevent energy waste, and your power cost will undoubtedly go down. The simplest approach to save power is by being extra careful after using electronic products.

  • Use dimmer switches:

Dimmer switches are another excellent approach to start lowering your electricity costs. Dimmer switches differ from other switches in that they reset every 120 seconds, an imperceptible restart to the naked eye. This essentially modifies the energy used, saving energy and cash!

  • Use solar panels for outdoor lighting:

Not using any power at all is one of the best strategies to reduce your electric bill cost. This makes solar outdoor lighting by choice energy extremely useful. During the day, they absorb solar energy; at night, they use the stored energy to provide lighting..

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Solar outdoor lighting is simple to install and almost maintenance-free. The best part is that utilizing them won’t raise your electricity costs. Pathway light sets, wall-mounted lamps, freestanding lamp posts, and security lights are common indoor uses for outside solar illumination.

  • Customize your thermostat:

One of the major uses of electricity is for house heating. However, using your thermostat effectively may lower your power consumption. You may save up to 5% of your heating costs by lowering the thermostat by only two degrees. You might save up to 10% if you lower it by five degrees.

You might be able to save time and money in this situation by investing in a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts to the temperature you want. Make sure your thermostat is installed correctly as yet another piece of advice. It may begin unnecessarily changing the temperature and use more power if it is positioned in direct sunlight or next to a draught.

  • Buy energy-efficient devices:

Appliances account for around 13% of all household energy usage on average. Therefore, when buying an appliance, you should consider two numbers: the initial purchase price and the yearly running cost. Even though they can cost more upfront, energy-efficient appliances typically have 9–25% lower running expenses than standard versions.

A federal guarantee that an appliance will use less energy while in use and when it is on standby than normal models may be found on appliances with the ENERGY STAR label, which you should search for when buying an energy-efficient appliance.

  • Use smart power strips:

Electricity used by gadgets while they are off or in an idle state, or “phantom loads,” is a significant cause of energy waste. According to estimates, household devices waste 75% of their energy when turned off. Advanced power strips, commonly referred to as smart power strips, reduce phantom loads by cutting off the electricity to gadgets while they are not in use.

Smart power strips can be programmed to shut off on demand, after a certain amount of idleness, through remote switches, or in response to the status of a “master” device.


Not all of the above recommendations will result in a considerable drop in your monthly power cost. However, you may significantly reduce your electricity expenses by combining a few of these energy-saving suggestions.

Work your way up to the challenging tasks by beginning with the simpler ones. With a few lifestyle adjustments and smart work, you may significantly reduce your power cost.

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