Golf Slice Tips And Tricks From The Pros

January 25, 2021

It’s difficult to overstate the effect of the slice on the golf game. Almost every player seems to have dealt with the slice at least once during their tenure as a golfer, usually right after the game. While the slice is an increasingly popular difficulty for golfers to face, it remains exceedingly challenging to fix.

Countless golf instructors have been attempting to come up with a slice cure through the years, and most have struggled. In this post, we’re going to help you conquer your slice by serving up some of the best slice tips that have been developed by professionals over the game’s history.

Find the right equipment

You may conclude it’s a cop-out to blame your clubs when you strike a slice – but, simply put, it might be your clubs that are to blame. If you’re using the wrong clubs for your swing, you may be doomed to catch a slice even if you’re making a pretty decent move across the ball. To stop this, consider getting a driver for a slice that suits the task. It does not entirely fix your slice, but the right driver can keep your shots much straighter and on the fairway. Almost all slicers use a driver with far less loft because they respond to their high, poor ball takeoff. The best drivers will make you raise your loft and shift your weight to the clubhead’s heel. Rather than swinging a 9-degree driver and getting it 10 or 11 degrees when you’re keeping it open from impact, you would like more loft so you can loosen your hands and make a 10.5 into a 9 driver.

Don’t aim left

The most popular problem here is that players do not shoot straight. Of course, with the breeze and a bent shot, the ball begins to fade either to the left or to the right. People also try to fix the issue by going left, which is a typical answer to players who do not shoot straight. However, the problem can get worse, so you can avoid shooting to the left. The alternative is to focus straight. However, if you still have difficulties, maybe tilting your shot to the left would help. But ensure it’s not 50 yards deep in the rough.

Focus on your divots

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Be sure you check and take care of the divots regularly. This is because your downswing will push your club to move on an outdoor swing route that can have a catastrophic effect on your shot. The best way to remedy this is by working on your divot, which will offer useful insight on how to correct your slice. You would be able to feel the severity of your swing outside, which can be corrected by getting closer. If the divot starts pointing closer, continue to follow these moves.

Fix your grip

Your grip plays a big role in correcting the slice because most of the slices come from a bad grip. Using that will allow you to have greater control of your shots. Depending on your position, the left or right hand would be too far below the other. Try to move the hand clockwise until three knuckles are clear. This would make for a better grip, which is meant to correct the shot and avoid a slice.

Transfer your weight

This is maybe one of the easiest ways to correct a slice. By merely shifting your force from your back foot to your front foot, your downswing will benefit from increased precision. However, failing to switch from the back to the front will leave your clubface exposed, which decreases the precision of your shot.

Release the club before impact

This is the last move in the process of correcting a slice. You’re going to have to rotate the forearm when the club touches the ball. A typical mistake is to rotate your right hand, shoulder, and wrist over your left, assuming you are right, once it’s too late. By default, the ball goes down the wrong path. A correct release is one of the most critical things to get right, and if you release the club too late, the scores will be erratic. Fix this error with preparation, and try to ensure it’s not released too late.

Correcting a slice is crucial to achieving a powerful start to your match, as well as retaining a degree of consistency in your shots. It will complete your golfing experience and guarantee that the ball moves as you wish. However, in order to guarantee that your efforts are not in waste, you would need to purchase the correct set of equipment to fit your design and desires. Hope this writing had helped you in correcting a slice for a great golf experience.

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