Golf Club Basics: Types And Uses From Harlem To Hollywood

October 31, 2021

A golf club is a specially designed instrument used to hit the golf ball. 

There are different types of clubs for beginners, experienced players, and those who want to improve their game. If you want to know more about them, read on.

What are the basic types of clubs?

There are three basic types of clubs: woods, irons, and putters. The woods have large heads made from metal or wood that propel the golf balls as far as possible down the course. They also have longer shafts than other clubs due to the speed they require in order to gain momentum upon hitting the ball. Irons have heads that are smaller and made from metal with grooves that help tighten the ball’s grip on the club. They are used for hitting balls from shorter distances and have many types to fit individual needs. Last but not least, a putter is a wood or iron head that is flat with a rounded edge. People love to use face-balanced putters because it is easier to make straight putts. It is used for putting since it’s thick and helps maintain balance even when you hit the ball at an awkward angle.

How do you use a golf club?

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To properly use a golf club, you need to: 

  • Grip the handle and move your hand so that it is on top of the bottom half. The grip should be placed in between your thumb and index finger, with space for two fingers on either side. This helps you grip the club without too much tension and creates an arc as well. Place your other hand over the first one and wrap all four fingers around it. Make sure that both thumbs are pointed up at all times during the swing.
  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart from each other to give you balance when swinging. Your weight must also be distributed evenly between both legs, instead of leaning towards one side or another. Lift both heels off the ground by picking up the toes until your knees are locked. You should be standing up straight with your head looking forward.
  • Swing the club back slowly, making sure it is level to the ground at all times. It should not lean towards either side or else you will hit the ball crookedly. Make sure to bend your arms as well; do not keep them straight! When you’re about halfway through your swing, shift your weight to where you want to hit the ball and thrust forward using momentum from your backswing. This gives power for a good game of golf since no energy is wasted in trying to push or pull yourself into position.
  • Make contact with the middle of the club’s face on every shot if possible, especially when using metal woods. Otherwise, you will make unreliable shots because hitting the ball in different places could cause it to fly in all directions. Aim for the center of the club when chipping with irons, and keep your wrists firm at all times.

Is Golf Easy To Learn?

Golf can not be an easy sport to pick up, especially with all the different types of clubs in the market. There is one for your skill level and specific needs, no matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced player! It can be difficult to learn how to use a golf club because of the technique involved in the swing. This makes it hard for new players who lack the strength and experience necessary to succeed in this sport. However, if you’re determined enough and want to excel at it, there are many resources on learning different techniques such as watching tutorials and consulting with a professional.

Can Anyone Learn How To Play Golf?

Anyone can learn how to play golf. Some people start playing at a young age, but others do not pick up on this sport until they’re older. Even though there are no strict rules about when to start, you should be aware that it will take quite some time to get better if you don’t have experience compared to other players your age. Many people who are interested in the sport will talk with a coach or find tips online. This can be very helpful because it details what to do and what not to do, which is more than enough information for anyone to start learning. It’s much easier to play if you have someone who knows about the game to help you out along the way. A coach or a seasoned player that could show you around can make a huge difference because they know all about setting up your stance and talking through shots, as well as how to improve your swing based on where the ball goes after you hit it.

If you want to play golf and don’t know where to start, the best recommendation is to sign up for lessons! You will learn all about what clubs are right for you and how different techniques work. Golfing is amazing, so you should definitely learn how to play because there is nothing like the feeling of taking a swing at your ball and watching it fly away. 

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