Give Your Home A Luxurious Look with These Design Ideas

June 29, 2020

Our homes are our personal respite. For most of us, at least sixty percent of our lives will be spent in our homes. It is where we make memories, and where we sit and recall them. So, your home must be designed the way that you like, and you should never have it any other way. Unfortunately, for many of us, we either cannot afford to or do not have the time to redecorate them.

Everybody wants a luxurious home, and there is no reason you cannot have that, even on a budget. Whether you employ an interior designer or do it yourself, you must be comfortable in your own home. You can give your home a luxurious look with these design ideas.

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture has long been out of fashion, but is starting to see a huge resurgence in popularity. With the mirrored furniture by Homes Direct 365, you can turn your bedroom into a luxurious suite. Using mirrored furniture is a fantastic way to add a little bit of luxury into your home; the use of mirrored wardrobes, ceilings, drawers, and beds are a guaranteed way to look classy. You can accentuate the mirror furniture with marble or alabaster flooring and tables or onyx. It is very hard to find furniture that matches mirror furniture and does not look tacky, but thankfully marble and alabaster have been used in combination with mirrored furniture for many years. Onyx is a rather new addition but still looks awesome next to your mirrored wardrobe.

Baroque Furniture

Baroque was a design style that lasted from the early 17th century to the mid-18th century. It was very popular in Britain, Italy, and France, and many stately homes still have this design. Baroque homes were often covered in paintings and wall art, which were extremely detailed, grandiose, and very colorful, and were used to inspire awe in those who came across them.

Baroque design often consisted of many ornaments and trophies, and a lot of artwork. It is the pinnacle of high-class society. So if you wish to make your home more luxurious, then look no further than baroque.

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Rococo, or Late Baroque, was a style of design that became popular immediately following the fading out of Baroque designs. Rococo features more of the color white, more pastels, and decorative asymmetry. Rococo designs can be very expensive if you are buying antiques, but the furniture exists in abundance. You can find Rococo furniture on online auction websites and at vintage furniture sales. This design is very grand and will make your home look like the stately manor of a King of France. You can combine Rococo with Baroque and they can still look classy.


The neoclassical interior design comprises post-Rococo style naturalistic design, and some features of the late Baroque period. The style is symmetrical and comprises simple geometry as opposed to ornamental design. Neoclassical furniture is very easy to find, as it is the most recent, and is often found in abundance, reasonably priced. You may be expected to restore some of these furniture pieces, as some are over a hundred years old. Still, neoclassical furniture and design can be fantastic for making your home more luxurious, and more like the retreats of French royalty, than just your simple, quaint home.


Japanese minimalist interiors have taken off massively in the west, first in Scandinavia, now all of Europe. These designs are very plain and make use of natural Earth colors, like brown, green, and grey. The Japanese minimalist design is very comforting and warm and can make your home look like a monastery. This design style makes use of potted plants and wooden sculptures and objects and often will have a feature wall. Your feature wall would likely be designed with some artwork and have a tree or plant that represents the season that you are in. As every season passes, your design wall should change to reflect that season.

A great way to get started with a Japanese design is to import tatami flooring. Tatami flooring is a staple-point in every single Japanese home or at least the more traditional ones. It is not very expensive and can probably be found locally.

Now you know some design styles to make your home appear more luxurious, so why waste any longer? Take a week off of work and design your home the way you want it to look, so that you will feel comfortable and can get the most of your private space.

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