Getting Help From An Accident Attorney: Where To Start

October 20, 2021

Auto accidents frequently cause serious injuries and significant property damage, and the victims will need to seek advice from an attorney to know what to do next. If the accountable driver doesn’t provide compensation through an insurance claim, the victims can seek compensation through a legal claim. When preparing for a legal claim, there are several steps the victim must take.

Hire An Attorney for Your Case

After an auto accident, the victim needs to hire an attorney if they sustained injuries, incurred auto repair costs, and the responsible driver didn’t provide compensation. The earlier accident victims hire an attorney the better, and an attorney can guide a victim through the settlement process. Auto accident victims that need help from an accident attorney get started by contacting a law firm. 

Collect Medical Records for Your Injuries

Medical records are necessary in an auto accident case and show the court that the victim sustained injuries and what these injuries were. The records must connect the injuries to the auto accident, and the medical records must show if the victim’s injuries are permanent and how they will affect the victim’s life moving forward. 

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Evidence of permanent injuries such as a loss of limb, organ function, or other disabilities must be presented to the court along with all invoices for medical costs. When presenting the case to the court, these economic losses must be calculated and submitted. 

Get Estimates for Auto Repair Costs

Auto repair costs must be included in the legal claim. The victim must obtain auto repair estimates to present to the court. If the car was a total loss, the estimated value of the vehicle is presented to the court. 

Gather Witnesses Who Saw the Accident

Witnesses who saw the accident are deposed by the victim’s and the defendant’s attorney. Attorneys question the witnesses to determine what they saw and if their testimony supports the victim’s claim. Any witnesses that can substantiate the victim’s claim help the case and could provide details about what happened that show the defendant’s liability. 

Did the Victim Lose Any Wages?

As a result of auto accident injuries, many victims cannot go back to work immediately. This generates more economic losses, such as lost wages. When starting a legal claim, the victim will need to get wage statements from their employer that show how much work they have missed because of their injuries and the value of their lost wages. 

Did You Commit Any Moving Violations?

Moving violations could be presented negatively in an auto accident claim. Any victim who committed a moving violation could be partially liable for the accident. This means the victim contributed to the cause of the accident and might see a reduced settlement. 

If they committed a moving violation, the court decreases their award by a certain percentage. The judge assigns a percentage according to the moving violation in which the victim was accused. If they are more than 50% at fault, the victim will not receive any monetary damages. 

Auto accidents could lead to serious injuries that change the victims’ lives. If they survive their accident injuries, the victim can start a legal claim against the accountable driver. In a legal claim, the victim is requesting that the court award them the amount of all their economic losses. An attorney can provide assistance for accident victims and start a claim. 

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