GetAFollower Review: Is It A Scam? Revealing The Truth

April 28, 2022

Is GetAFollower a legit place to buy social proof or just another scammer that’s all bark and no bite? That’s exactly what I set out to discover in my GetAFollower review – read on for the full lowdown. 

Buying social signals to boost the performance of a social media account is nothing new. Frankly, it’s something millions (myself included) have been doing for years. The trouble is that tracking down high-quality social signals from real people isn’t easy.

If you’re new to the whole thing, trust me when I tell you that most social proof for sale online is 100% fake.

This is supposedly where GetAFollower differentiates itself from its competitors. Originally launched as an Instagram growth specialist, GetAFollower now offers dozens of targeted services for almost every social network on the web.

They’ve built a pretty impressive following over the years, but how do they perform when put to the test? Is GetAFollower as legit as it claims to be, or would you be better off taking your business elsewhere?

About GetAFollower

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GetAFollower is one of the longest-established social media growth companies operating online right now. In business for more than 10 years, the GetAFollower team has a wealth of industry experience spanning several decades.

Examining the GetAFollower website, I came across a bunch of interesting and important claims to fame. Authentic social proof from real people, quality customer support, even a full money-back guarantee – all reassuring enough. I also took a good look through their terms and conditions and found nothing untoward or alarming.

So far, so good, but what makes GetAFollower any different than its closest competitors?

GetAFollower’s Main Features

For me, there were eight main facets to the GetAFollower experience that stood out during my review. All of which appear to be as genuine as GetAFollower claims them to be, adding up to a seriously good deal if so.

Here’s what I found out about GetAFollower during my review and what I was particularly impressed with:

Industry Experience

This is a niche where sellers have a tendency to appear and disappear all the time. Hence, the fact that GetAFollower has been around for such a long time shows they are clearly doing something right. Comparatively few social media growth companies last more than a few years – these guys have been a staple on the scene since 2012.

Money-Back Guarantee

For me, a money-back guarantee is the biggest (and most obvious) deal-breaker. I’m always skeptical about any provider that doesn’t put its money where its mouth is. When there’s no refund guarantee in place, what does this tell you about the seller? It tells you they’re not confident enough in their own products to offer any kind of assurances and so are best avoided at all costs.

Targeted Services

The sheer range of targeted services available at GetAFollower is mind-blowing. Most of their products and services can be purchased from real users in dozens of major markets worldwide, from Australia to the Middle East to Europe to the USA and more. There’s even the option of choosing gender-specific social signals if, for any reason, you want your views, likes, and so on to come from men or women specifically.

Real People

Second, only a money-back guarantee is the most important thing to look for when shopping for social signals. It is absolutely essential to ensure that every product you buy comes from a real person in the normal way. GetAFollower claims to offer nothing but 100% authentic social signals, which come from real people and are identical to the real thing – no bots involved.

High Retention Rates

Most social media growth companies claim to have a good retention rate with the products they sell. GetAFollower takes things a step further with an initial retention warranty of 60 days. This means that for a full two months, they will replace any of the products you buy that drop from your profile/posts free of charge. From what I can see, this is the longest retention warranty you’ll find online right now.

Customer Satisfaction

GetAFollower demonstrates a clear commitment to customer satisfaction from start to finish. Along with a refund guarantee and a retention warranty, they also offer a live chat service that is surprisingly responsive. I usually expect pretty basic customer support when shopping for products and services like these, but the GetAFollower team really is a pleasure to do business with.

Drip Feeding

An important point to take note of – is never bought from a seller who guarantees instant delivery. Buying social signals is only safe when they are added to your content/profile gradually – i.e., at a speed that makes it look organic. This is something GetAFollower makes a point of emphasizing and promises that all orders are delivered by way of a ‘drip feed’ system. Clearly, a seller knows what it means to keep things discreet.

Secure and Flexible Payments

Every transaction processed by GetAFollower is encrypted end-to-end, and their privacy policy makes for reassuring reading with regard to data collection and storage policies. I was also impressed by the diverse range of payment methods they accept, including everything from credit and debit cards to PayPal and cryptocurrency.

GetAFollower: Plans and Pricing

To say that the GetAFollower product catalog caters to all requirements and budgets would be something of an understatement. I didn’t count them all, but they have hundreds of different products available in thousands of different sizes and configurations literally.

Bigger savings can be made by ordering larger quantities, but their standard packages of social signals start from less than $5.00. Here’s a brief overview of just a few of the products and services listed at the time of my GetAFollower review:


GetAFollower’s services for Facebook are perhaps their most popular, which is understandable given the platform’s huge size and reach. Products and services are available as diverse as it gets – post likes, page likes, comments and comment replies, page and profile followers, group members, reactions, event attendees, business reviews, and more.

Prices start from as little as $2.00 for likes and views, going up to more than $4,000 for their highest-level promotional services.


There’s an equally enormous range of products and services available for Instagram, including Instagram followers, likes, saves, story poll votes, impressions, comments, and so much more. You can also choose from a wide variety of target markets from across the world or global if looking to distribute things evenly.

At GetAFollower, 50 authentic Instagram followers (guaranteed) cost just $8.00 – pretty extraordinary stuff.


The full range of promotional products available for YouTube is huge, covering everything from channel growth to fulfilling the platform’s monetization requirements. GetAFollower sells everything from channel subscribers to views to likes to comments to watch time hours and more, with a huge range of targeted markets worldwide to choose from.

Their YouTube Subscribers start from less than $10.00, despite being sourced from active and authentic accounts with real owners.


GetAFollower is definitely the place to head if looking to promote your Twitter profile or content for cheap. You can buy just about every type of social proof that there is, including Twitter followers, Twitter likes, Twitter comments and comment replies, Twitter views, retweets to boost the reach of your output, and more.

At the time of my review, GetAFollower was listing a package of 1,000 real Twitter likes for a price of just $10.00.


Making things happen on the world’s most popular platform for professionals and businesses could also be made easier with the help of GetAFollower. Their promotional products and services for LinkedIn include recommendations, connections, endorsements, employees, and even direct messages.

The prices quoted for endorsements (which can be hugely influential) were particularly impressive – $15.00 being enough to get you 100 authentic Linkedin endorsements.

Is GetAFollower Safe?

GetAFollower is safe for the simple reason that they don’t request any of the kind of personal information that could put you at risk. They simply ask for the basic details needed to process your payment and the target URL for delivery of the products you buy.

No passwords, no login credentials, and no need to disclose your life story, which is always reassuring. I also came across no reports anywhere else of any potential security issues with GetAFollower from other customers.

Is GetAFollower Legit?

Going on my personal experience alone, I would say without a doubt that GetAFollower is a 100% legit website. What’s particularly impressive is how these guys don’t make any false promises, nor do they claim to work miracles. They’re honest and transparent about what they do, and they seem to take real pride in getting the job done properly.

If you ask me, the fact that everything is covered by a money-back guarantee speaks volumes for how GetAFollower performs when put to the test.

Merits of Using GetAFollower

There’s a lot to like about GetAFollower, including but not limited to the following:

  • Authentic social signals from real people with active accounts
  • Gradual, drip-feed delivery to ensure total discretion
  • The web’s biggest range of promotional services for social media
  • Ridiculously low prices starting from $2.00
  • The support of a passionate and professional team of experts
  • All sales are covered by a money-back guarantee
  • Market-leading retention warranty of 60 days

Demerits of Using GetAFollower
On the downside, there’s one thing I’d like to see improved at GetAFollower:

  • No free trials or samples of any of the products available

GetAFollower User Reviews
Browse the likes of Trustpilot or Sitejabber, and the consensus on GetAFollower is pretty clear. They’re not perfect, but they perform on a level that goes beyond any comparable social media growth company that comes to mind.

Occasional bad reviews are the norm with products and services like these, as some people expect way too much when buying social signals online. Even so, GetAFollower has stacked up predominantly positive feedback over its years in business and seems to have a fairly solid track record.

Review Conclusion

In summary, I think it’s important to emphasize once again how vital it is to have realistic expectations. If you believe that buying social proof will bring you overnight fame and fortune, you can forget about it. Likewise, if you think you can buy social signals as an alternative to putting in the effort yourself, it’s not going to happen.

But if you genuinely understand and appreciate what buying social proof is all about, you really won’t go wrong with GetAFollower. The quality of their products and services is top-notch, they have an excellent customer support contingency, and they even cover all sales with a money-back guarantee.

None of which you’d get from most comparable social media growth companies – especially at these kinds of prices. GetAFollower is legit in every sense of the word and is well worth checking out…my conclusion in a nutshell.

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