Ganja-Smoking Subway Rider Gets Others To Join Him On Harlem Train Ride

NYDaily News reports that some smokin’ straphangers took the high line to Harlem this weekend.

A generous commuter who decided to toke on the train got his whole car in a good mood when he offered to share.

A video posted to Twitter Sunday morning shows the smiling straphanger puffing on a marijuana cigarette — and then playfully passing it along when another passenger complained.

“Everybody’s having a tough day. You can’t just smoke weed,” the teasing train rider tells the smoker, in the video.

The generous ganja-lover gave a blissed out response.

“Would you like to take a pull?” he says to the man next to him.

“Everybody take a pull. Everybody get some good weed!” says the stoner.

The stranger takes a puff, before handing it off to a woman next to him.

“It’s going down. Give it to that man right there,” the polite pothead instructs.

Even the straphanger filming the exchange who initially complained got a turn.

At least two more straphangers partook of the puffs.

It’s not known which train the commuters were on but the doper gave a shout out to the neighborhood they were passing through.

“I got the train lit!” he yells. “Only in New York! Only in Harlem!”

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The person who posted the video said the toker’s largesse won her over.

“I was mad watching him smoke on the train,” wrote Twitter user Kelly S. “But when he passed it …. it brought a smile to my face kinda.”

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