From Virtual Happy Hours To Gamification: How Technology Is Changing Employee Engagement

May 25, 2023

Are you tired of the same old employee engagement tactics? Virtual happy hours just not cutting it anymore?

Then buckle up because technology is changing the game when it comes to engaging employees you can view this corporate wellness app.

From gamification software for employee engagement to virtual reality training programs, companies are using technology to create unique and memorable experiences that keep employees motivated and engaged.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these innovative ways that technology is shaking up the world of employee engagement.

Gamification Software for Employee Engagement: Leveling Up Your Team

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Remember when you were a kid, and you played video games for hours on end so that you could level up? Or maybe that’s still your life (no judgment here). Well, now imagine being able to bring that feeling of accomplishment and progress into your workday.

That’s where gamification comes in – using game-like elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate employees. And with the help of gamification software for employee engagement, companies can easily implement these strategies into their workplace culture.

For example, Salesforce created its Trailhead platform, which offers interactive quizzes, challenges, and quests designed to help employees master new skills while earning badges along the way. This type of gamified learning makes training more engaging and helps build ROI by keeping employees actively invested in learning about products or services they sell in a frame similar to a play zone!

Virtual Reality: When Work Becomes Playtime

Another area where technology is transforming employee engagement is through virtual reality (VR). Not only does VR offer an immersive way for people to learn new skills or experience different scenarios realistically, but it also creates valuable insights & perspective toward approaching tedious tasks in an encapsulated environment, helping them feel more creative & inclined while doing mundane activities alike.

Take Walmart’s recent announcement to bring VR headsets into all its US-based training centers. Employees can use the headsets during training sessions on everything from customer service to compliance. This technology allows employees to be immersed in realistic scenarios & adapt and react accordingly, making training more effective and engaging.

Social Recognition: The Power of Peer-to-Peer Shoutouts

Before the rise of social media, companies used traditional forms of recognition such as awards or plaques. However, with the inception of social recognition tools, companies have created a forum wherein appreciation can be expressed peer-to-peer via platforms like Slack enabling colleagues to state their individual contributions to the team. And unlike previous forms of recognition, which felt mechanical, this sort of interaction goes a long way in improving employee morale & creating a positive, affirming culture.

One company leading by example is Workhuman (formerly known as Globoforce), which has created software that allows employees to give each other “shoutouts” for their achievements throughout the workweek, both past and present. This type of recognition encourages positive behaviors and creates perspective amongst colleagues highlighting areas they could improve.

Artificial Intelligence: Smart Insights Based on Data

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) tools, you can gain valuable insights into employee engagement data & seamlessly understand areas where intervention might be needed. Machine learning algorithms use natural language processing and predictive analytics algorithms to deduce engagement trends among teams within an organization and what actions can improve them based on gathered data.

Engagement analytics platform Emplify uses machine learning algorithms to fetch actionable insights on data based on pulse surveys sent out directly from managers helping streamline any unpredicted contingencies while monitoring employee morale & take informed actions that affect productivity positively.

How Technology Will Play An Increasingly Important Role in Employee Engagement

Employee demand for novel experiences engendered through various influences on digital entertainment having transformed personal lives over time encourages enterprises to embrace similar experiences at work for higher satisfaction encapsulated encompassing better task fulfillment while rendering boredom void while improvising coworker interactions. 

In conclusion, technology is not just about making workplaces more efficient, but it also has the potential to make it fun. From gamification software encouraging a sense of progress & achievement to virtual reality that induces immersive learning capabilities, technology in all its grandeur better attracts and retains employees while keeping them motivated and engaged throughout their tenure.

Users of virtual reality training can imitate real-world situations and gain practical skills in a variety of professions, making it a fascinating and effective learning environment.

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