From School To The Weekend: X Easy Outfits For Teens

December 15, 2022

You remember what it was like to be a teen – spending hours with your friends shopping, trying new makeup trends and figuring out the perfect outfit for the first day of school, the big game, a friend’s party or even just a day out with friends. 

Your child’s teen years are a time when self-expression and experimentation are at their peak – and this plays a major role in the style they choose to express themselves with. Spending time finding the perfect look for a special or mundane occasion can sometimes be the highlight of their day or week – the only problem is how much time they spend doing so!

Helping your teen find a few staple pieces that they can easily make casual for school or super cute for a day with friends will help save them time and energy. For instance, a great pair of shine leggings, a super flattering pair of jeans or a set of cute tanks for layering can be great small investments to help provide a foundation for their more eccentric pieces and make getting dressed every day a little easier. 

Here are a few easy outfit ideas that will give your teen the stylish confidence boost they need in any setting:

Neutral and Cute

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If your teen is into ultra-bold colors and patterns, this look may not be something they’d typically select for themselves – however, no matter what your age, it’s always a good idea to have a great neutral outfit on hand. For instance, you can’t go wrong with a pair of khaki or light-washed pants and a classic white tee or tank. Working with neutral earth tones – such as brown, beige, tan or eggshell – allows them to throw something together easily and gives them the opportunity to experiment with fun accessories or a bolder makeup look. Plus, it’ll bode well in any situation, whether they’re at school, out shopping or headed out for a fun dinner with friends. 

Denim On Denim

This is a style opinion that may be a bit controversial, but many celebrities and style influencers have proven just how cute this look can be! 

It’s important for people of any age and any gender to invest in a great pair of jeans that’s flattering, comfortable and will last as long as possible without going out of style. Why not pair that with an equally cute and cozy denim jacket? If you’re hesitant about combining two of the same wash or worried about clashing, opt for washes that are slightly contrasting. Pair this look with a classic black or white tee and accessorize with cute necklaces and earrings and your teen is ready to go!

Floral Dress With a Statement Jacket

Whether your teen is the ultra-girly type or more of an edgy dresser, this is a look that can work for anyone. A black patterned dress paired with a leather jacket and a great pair of boots is a classic cool kid look that can be dressed down for the day or up for nighttime. 

If your teen is looking for something on the softer side, pair a loose, light floral dress with a great denim jacket and a pair of clean white sneakers. This look is perfect for a day of shopping, a dinner with family or a cute picnic. 

A Band Or Concert Tee Paired With a Bottom Of Choice

Teens love music and they love talking to their friends about their current musical obsession of the moment. What better way to show off their impeccable taste than by rocking a great band t-shirt or concert tee? Nowadays, it’s easy to find merch for nearly any band or musician online – if you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon one in a thrift or vintage store. 

If your teen wants to be comfy cozy, they can pair an oversized band tee with a pair of leggings or biker shorts. Or, if they want to be a little more chic for a day out with friends, they can pair it with a classic pair of jeans or even a skirt with tights underneath. 

Music taste is a statement in and of itself – why not let your teen use it to their advantage to amp up their style? 

Whatever style your teen feels most comfortable in, don’t forget to give them the freedom to accessorize. Whether that’s a fantastic, high-quality pair of shoes, a few great necklaces or a new pair of earrings, your teen will love being able to express their individual style. 

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