From Harlem To Hollis, Mayor de Blasio Announces That NYC Schools Will Reopen In September

Mandatory masks. Class sizes slashed to uphold social distancing. Staggered schedules to prevent crowded schools. Deep cleanings.

Handwashing stations and hand sanitizer stations.

Those are the broad strokes of a plan to bring students back into classrooms this fall after months away to prevent the coronavirus’ spread, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday.

And schools will reopen, de Blasio said.

“Schools will be opening in September,” he said.

The new coronavirus pandemic sent students home in March and forced them, their parents and teachers to contend with remote learning.

It appears parents are ready to have their kids return to school after months cooped up.

De Blasio said about 450,000 parents responded to a Department of Education survey on returning to schools. Of those, 75 percent want their kids to go back to school in September, he said.

But returning to school requires public health measures to ensure it’s safe, de Blasio said.

Each school will have a maximum number of students allowed in at a time for social distancing, de Blasio said. That means some schools likely will have staggered schedules, he said.

Inside schools, face coverings will be required and provided to students who don’t have them, he said. There will be hand washing stations, hand sanitizer and regular “deep cleaning,” he said.

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