“Franco The Great,” Paints New Gate In Harlem

FrancoTheGreat_2015_Photo_by_Peter_CooperWorld-renowned artist Franklin Gaskin, aka “Franco the Great” is painting a gate on 125th Street, his first in over five years. The gate is located at 248 W 125th Street, across from the Apollo Theatre.  

The process is already underway, Harlemites, and the world can see him paint most days from 7 am – 10 am until completion.

Born in 1928, known as the “Picasso of Harlem” is internationally known for his painting on metal gates for storefronts across 125th street in Harlem, USA. The major thoroughfare is unofficially known as “Franco’s Blvd.”

The photograph above was taken by Peter Cooper in front of the gate the living legend is currently painting.

Update: The gate was completed on May 15, 2015.

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  1. Live in Harlem since 1958 I remember Franco when he began painting gates on 125th it inspired me to start painting and make it part of my life. Myself and a whole lot of other Artist are thankful for the opportunity to see such great work, that help propel our creative ability.

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