Four Stages Of Alcohol And Drug Rehab Recovery

June 16, 2021

Recovery from substance or alcohol abuse requires strong efforts, willpower, time, and the most important; support from professionals.

Once you have decided to join the Drug Rehab program for your addiction treatment, you start the journey through four different Rehab stages where you will get to learn how to develop a sober and healthy lifestyle. In this post, you are going to learn about the four distinct stages of the Rehab treatment program. So keep reading,  and get to know how you can become a better and sober person again in your life.

This four-stage recovery model helps drug or alcohol addicts to overcome their addiction and live their life happily. However, we would like to inform you that recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, but it’s worth putting in the effort.

The four stages of Rehab treatment are:

  • Treatment initiation.
  •  Early abstinence.
  •  Maintaining abstinence.
  •  Advanced recovery.

Treatment Initiation

When you reach out to the professionals for your Drug Detox treatment, you get into the percentage of your recovery. During this stage, the health professionals will make a customized plan after monitoring your physical and mental health to help you overcome the addiction. There are chances that you may have ambivalent feelings during this stage about giving up the substance of drug abuse permanently, and you may think that your problem is not worse than the others. But, that is not the truth;  always remember that denial and ambivalence are your worst enemy during the recovery process. During this stage, the medical counselor will help you with the best treatment facility you need to overcome the addiction, they will provide you all the support, the ACLS certification cost and medical assistance you need to quit the drugs or alcohol.

Your substance abuse history will be taken, and after that customize treatment program will be planned for helping you to quit drugs.

Early Stage Abstinence

After you commit to your recovery, you will get to the second stage of your detox treatment. Early abstinence from substance or alcohol abuse is associated with positive treatment results, however, this can be the toughest stage of the treatment process as you may experience withdrawal, craving, triggers that force you to take drugs or alcohol, and psychological dependence. But, don’t worry, your medical team, this Arizona company will guide you about the coping skills that help you to stay sober and live a happy life. Also, they will teach you about the tools and tricks you can follow to avoid drugs or alcohol for the rest of your life.

Some helpful strategies used by the medical staff are:

  • Encouraging the patient to participate in healthy activities.
  • Finding an alternative to engage people rather than turning to drugs or alcohol.
  • Self-help groups for the support and information.
  • Recognizing the triggers that cause the cravings.

Maintaining Abstinence

The main focus of the medical staff at this stage is avoiding relapse. Here, the patient will get to learn about the warning signs and things that may cause them to relapse. During this stage,  the patient gets to learn how to use the tools they have discovered in the 3rd stage to avoid cravings and live a sober life. Also, the patient will get to learn how to implement the coping skills in their life to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

You will get to learn about:

  • Building a healthy lifestyle.
  • Living drug-free life.
  • Managing anger.

Advanced recovery

This is the last stage of the recovery process. At this point, the patient takes all the tools and skills they got to know about during their Rehab treatment and implements them in their life to stay happy and healthy ever after.

Strategies that can help the patients at this point are:

  • Maintaining a consistent daily schedule.
  •  Working on long-term goals.
  •  Finding new ways to seek happiness and life fulfillment.
  • Forming social sober relationships.

The last words

Alcohol or drug rehab treatment and recovery is a lifelong process that requires constant dedication, strong commitment, and changes in life. Once the person successfully completes all the stages of their rehab treatment, they become strong enough to deal with their cravings and also find the motivation to bring a positive change in their life. The skills and tools patients have learned during their treatment will definitely help them to succeed in a long-term goal. So if you also want to help your loved ones, find the best Rehab facility in your area and get to know about treatment details.

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