Forbes Best Of Africa Awards Honors Leaders From The Democratic Republic of Congo For Contributing To Growth

Each year During the New York General Assembly Opening at the United Nations, Forbes Hosts their Forbes Best of Africa Awards 2022.

The Forbes Best of Africa Awards 2022 celebrates the work of leading lights whose individual efforts contribute to the growth of the African continent.

At a recent reception held at the Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle sponsored by Invest Africa in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and Divo International, four individuals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were honored for their work.  

The DRC was identified by Forbes as deserving of special mention for the progress they have been making to improve its business climate and thereby attract investors.

Those Honored by Forbes included;

His Excellency Mr. Nicolas Kazadi, Finance minister, for his leadership in achieving growth of state revenues and the good management of public finances.

Mr. Pascal Kinduelo Lumbu for having dedicated his career to fostering entrepreneurship in the DRC by encouraging innovation across several sectors of the economy.

Inspector Jules Alingeti for his relentless efforts against those who would exploit public finances and lead the fight against corruption.

His Excellency Patrick Muyaya, Communication, and Media Minister, for the organization of the new country’s communication strategy, which allows the development of a brilliant new narrative and a fresh look at the DRC.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Congo for the work done recently in respect of the norms and ensuring strong control of the Congolese currency, which reassures domestic and international investors.

Photo credit: 1) His Excellency, Mr. Nicolas Kazadi, Finance Minister, Democratic Republic of Congo (Photo Credit: Deo Kasongo). 2) Jules Alingeti, General Inspector of the IGF
(Photo Credit: Deo Kasongo). ) 3) His Excellency, Mr. Patrick Muyaya, Communication and Media Minister, Democratic Republic of Congo (Photo Credit: Deo Kasongo). 4) Mr. Pascal Kinduelo Lumbu, Businessman and Entrepreneur (Photo Credit: Deo Kasongo.

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